To Do: Tiaras

Saturday, November 14, 2015

As I  sat this week, scrolling through images of Kate Middleton's new tiara, I got to thinking, I need to get a life tiara's aren't just for royalty anymore.

                                                                                                                   Image via Daily Mail

I mean, sure, a tiara made of diamonds? Yeah, that's just for royalty. But, girl, you can look just as fine in a flimsy, rhinestone, piece-of-shit as you could in something coated in diamonds. Certainly, no one will mistake you for royalty, but if that's your concern, you may want to put the Barbie dolls down and reassess your life.  

                                                                                                                                             Image Via Nordstrom

This little lady sticks on the front of your bun and strikes me as mostly party-appropriate. But it would also be an unexpected (and welcomed) addition to any work-wardrobe; a nice dose of shimmer to lighten up the endless days of black that we are all guilty of.......

Click here for a how-to-wear image.

                                                                                                                                         Image via ASOS

No, I'm serious. Don't make that face at me; fashion is supposed to be fun. Place this over a bun/top-knot if you want to play it safe, or let it run wild and free like this girl did. Be sure to save it for a night when you feel like taking shots, being the loudest person everywhere you go, and falling asleep (crown intact) next to 3 different kinds of pizza.

                                                                                                                                           Image via ASOS

Eat your heart out, Frida. This floral crown makes the little girl in me just squeal with joy. Color, dimension, femininity, and a healthy dose of playfulness; personally, I live for bits like this. Be sure to pair with a simple print and rich lipstick. Muah!


Finally, I bring you the classic tiara: These should not be worn all the time, but I think they're really fun during the winter holidays. A tiara like this will pair well with anything from a cashmere turtleneck to your new-favorite holiday cocktail dress. Sure you'll be that drunk  girl in a tiara, but who cares. 

I'll say it again; fashion is meant to be fun. 

While I believe that a lot of what makes a great outfit, great, is not the individual pieces, but how we pair these items together. So I am certainly not advocating that all the pieces above be thrown together, willy nilly. But I am saying, if something excites you, it's worth finding a way to wear it. 

Of course, should you need a little guidance on the "finding a way," you have my info...