Things I'm still Learning: Cooking

Monday, October 17, 2016

I was at a friends house for dinner recently when we all started chatting about health, food, diet, etc. Somewhat shamefully I shared about the "trail mix" that I made while doing Whole30 (which for me, wound up being whole 21, with booze) 

The “trail mix” was as follows:
  • chop up raw veggies
  • find handfuls of raw, no-salt, no-fun almonds
  • find a tupperware container
  • mix and serve
  • watch for looks of disappointment (that's how you know you did it right)
We laughed until we cried as I detailed the "recipe," because the fact that I really snacked away on this stuff, is, at best, kind of pathetic. Healthy? Yes. The lamest way possible to get nutrients? Definitely.

And as we sat there eating this awesome meal of like, bacon flavored heaven and polenta (which, by the way, Annie asked me to stir while she ran out to manage not only the grill but her newborn baby- I just stood there at the pot thinking "how fast do I stir it?" "how often?" "did I just make glue?") 
I couldn't help but think, I have a ways to go.

At 29, your (my) ego wants to think that you have it all together. But, none of us do. We're all learning something(s) and I have many somethings on my list. So suck it, ego, because as of late, I've ruined multiple crock pot meals, over-salted about half of what goes in the oven, and fun fact: used to consider cheese an acceptable meal (but that was college, ya know).

However, I do occasionally make things that turn out, and cooking is actually kind of fun. Clearly I don't have a full set of skills, but if you're into meals that are something a 9-year-old could make, stay tuned. And if, perhaps, you're as much of a disaster as I am, it's possible that you could learn something. I promise to only post things that actually taste good (except for the recipe above, use that one at your own risk, champ) so the cooking posts may be far and few between. But hey, I'm only just learn-ding.             


Xxo, L

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