Turning 30: 6 months to go

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On July 7, I turned 29, and have been pretty much screaming all day, every day, ever since.

Most of my close friends have turned 30 by now, and they're just fine. But not me, I'm over here running around, ID in hand, praying someone will want to check it:

Like, “oh do you need this?”
“No, ma'am”
“But I'm SO young”
“OH, it's just because I'm wearing makeup, you should see me without it. I look SUPER young.”
“But I'm actually 29.”
“ you need this?”

Nope, they sure don't.

Recent Selfie

Growing up, I was sure I'd have my Barbie dream house by now. I'd be riding ponies all day, in fabulous gowns, and zipping around in my Corvette with Ken. But instead, I'm rocking a studio apartment with a Corolla as my main mode of transportation.

So, no ponies, no fancy gowns, no dream house. Eh.

I have ideas, I have a VISION BOARD (shout out, Oprah), I meditate, I exercise, I go to work, I eat right, I drink wrong, and I want more. So, today I don't have any big answers. Today I'm just screaming, all-effing-day.

But uh, stay tuned. I have 6 months to go.