Choosing The Right Hardware for your Cabinets

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Replacing and updating cabinet hardware is a great way to upgrade any kitchen or bathroom. Cabinet hardware is one of those things that often goes unnoticed (as if it's some sort of shiny camouflage hiding in the Jungle that is your home) that is, until you change it.
Suddenly your guests will be all: "something is different, what is different... did you cut your hair? Wait... is this a brand new Kitchen? Where am I?!" 

Don't believe me?
Just try it.
And get back to me (because I love a good "I told you so")

If you're ready for a change, here are some tips on how to shop for that next set of hardware:
  1. Know your center to center dimension(s) on the pulls you currently have. Simply put: this is the measurement in-between the two screws that attach the pull to the door.

    Pulls come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure you're shopping for the  right one! Getting the wrong C to C dimension is like buying a beautiful pair shoes... in the wrong size.

  2. Always take home samples and test them out on your cabinets.
    You want to be certain that they not only look great in your space, but also function properly:
    • Are the pulls/knobs large enough for your fingers?
    • Does the style snag on your clothes when you walk by? 
    • Is the product large enough? Small enough? 
    • Visually, what is the look and feel in your space?

  3. When you're ready to buy, always buy more than you need. Styles are constantly coming and going, so it's good to keep a few on hand in case something happens over the years.

  4. Speaking of purchasing: The average medium sized kitchen has about 40 pulls and larger kitchens generally have 70 or more. Keep this in mind when you are budgeting for the project:
    • ie. Medium sized kitchen, $10 drawer pulls, 40 x 10 = $400
  5. When you are selecting the finish, take note of anything that collects fingerprints. For example, some chrome options are total Fingerprint-Bandits, while other chrome finishes don't react in the same way. It will vary by brand and how the product is made - but don't overthink it. Just press all over with your fingers and see what happens. It's up to you how much maintenance you want to deal with.
Any Questions? Reach Out here.

Ceiling Medallions: Fancy AF

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What does the term fancy mean to you?
A nice pair of heels?
Drinking tea with a cup and saucer?
Shopping at Whole Foods?
Those really thin wine glasses that go ‘ting!’ when you tap them with a knife? (AKA. those-really-thin-wine-glasses-that-shatter-when-you-touch-a-knife-to-them)
Winking when you leave a big tip?
Smoking on one of those long cigarette things from old movies?
Serving a dinner where all the plates match and nothing is chipped?

Well to me, it’s Ceiling Medallions. Yes people, if you have a ceiling medallion in your home, I’m gonna be all pinkies up! strutting around and smoking indoors in a fur coat (you’ve been warned).

I've been in love with traditional millwork for as long as I can remember and, Having a Great, and Great-Great Grandfather who helped Pioneer the Victorian Style movement during the early 1900s (much of their work still stands in San Francisco and surrounding areas), I often wonder if it’s literally in my blood.

I also wonder if perhaps I fell for it because I never had it as a kid. Growing up in a small coastal town, we had to drive to the “Big City” (“Big City” being super fancy, in and of itself) to see anything with good millwork. To me it was rare, and special, something to be admired; like a great piece of art.

Whatever it may be, I think millwork is FANCY AF, and ceiling medallions are the cherry on top.

While I generally recommend hiring out for this kind of work, it certainly isn't impossible to DIY. 
Just take yourself (and your super handy friend, unless that's you *applause*) to Home Depot and pick up one of their shockingly affordable, super fancy, medallions.

If you are local to Portland, be sure to check out the stock at McCoy Millwork. Their staff is super knowledgeable and they may just be able to give you some advice regarding installation.

If you aren't up for a DIY project *raises hand* reach out to me here and we can get this project rolling, together. 

2018: Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

For starters, I want to say that I wrote this blog yesterday, in it’s entirety, but when I went to post it today… all that was left on my word doc was the title

It was like college all over again: The time when I deleted a 4-page paper for creative writing class. Except today I didn’t run crying to a 24 hour cafĂ© in order to purchase ALL THE COFFEE and pull an all-nighter. Nor did I then have to print out a copy in purple ink, because the black ink ALSO ran out on said paper-deletion-day. 

Nope, no printing today, and flashback to reality: Thank God, blogging doesn't involve ink, because I don’t even own a printer anymore.

So....... Happy New Year! It’s day 3, how is everybody doing? Running? Journaling? Meditating? Pounding leafy greens? Uncorking wine?

Personally, I made a point of not formulating any hard and fast resolutions this year, but came up with a few fun ideas anyway:

  1.  Make butt more like peach and less like small waterbed

  2. Be nice to people, even when they drive really slow, or walk really slow, OR walk really slow and then just STAND THERE blocking you from everything in every aisle at the grocery store (even if it doesn’t make sense unless said people are deaf and blind which they clearly are NOT because they are too busy staring at all the glorious produce)

  3.   Cut out all dairy  Eat less cheese

*snot* bah-ch-cha-ch-chaeeesseeee!

Resolutions can be a double-edged sword: on one hand they offer motivation to get up and live that life you’ve been talking about:

“Oh yeah, me and my 45 dogs went to Malibu last weekend, it was a perfect get away. I’m thinking about buying a mansion, Ah-tahahhahhaahha!”

And, resolutions can sorta make you feel like trash when you don’t achieve them:
“Lauren, where is your butt?”

“Well Karen, when I never worked out ever, it just disappeared. It’s basically a drained waterbed back there. I have to sit on a medical-grade donut tube so that my tailbone doesn’t break. THANKS FOR ASKING.” 

With all that said, our individual needs are vastly different; not just from one another but from ourselves, year by year.

So if you aren’t making resolutions – Great. 

And if you are making resolutions, Get After it! 

And whatever it is you are doing to feel good, keep on keepin’ on....because I'm sure looking forward to seeing you in Malibu....