The Weekender

Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Halloween, my girlfriends and I will be flying to San Francisco for some much needed playtime. As I plan ahead, there are a number of items I'm yearning to stuff into my carry-on.....

A luxe coat that can go from day to night; this DVF piece is stunning in black. For staples, I generally stick with neutrals, but I'm impressed to say that her dark teal alternative has me biting my lip.

Speaking of staples, this Frye boot is great for tromping through the city in autumn. A comfortable pair of neutrals is imperative when you aren't checking a bag. Slide these suckers on for your flight and jam a pair of sexy nighttime heels in your carry-on or purse (where there's a will there's a way, ladies); you're good to go.

These green trousers caught my eye last weekend as I was drooling through Anthropologie; a perfectly tailored pant that could easily go from day to night, with a retro kick and seasonal coloring. 

Mmph, yummy. 

Neutrals are clearly your friend (especially when it comes to travel); but, can we let up on the black suitcase already? To say that they're overdone is an understatement, and be honest, they're not practical. Anyone who has checked a black bag has played the game, "Is that my bag? is that.. wait ... no it's not...{tick, tick, tick}... oh Shit! That was my bag!" as your bag rotates into the infinite, airport abyss. Plus, what's the point in matching your enormous bag to your outfit? It's essentially a traveler in-and-of-itself, so treat him or her as such. The Kate Spade I'm dreaming of is not only practical, she's sexy. 

Le Sigh, David Yurman; just a little something shiny, subtle, and bold, to top off every outfit. 
I have been writing Santa every year for this bracelet; but either my list is too long or I've been naughty. 
Judging by the amount of whiskey I drank this weekend, I'm guessing the latter. 

No shot through the sky is complete without a good book and I cannot stop gushing about Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. "The Universe buries strange jewels deep within us all" says Gilbert "and then stands back to see if we can find them." Big Magic is about finding out what's inside of you.... WooWoo!

But seriously, I love the shit out of this book, go read it.

Safe Travels, Friends!

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