Beauty: Brush Care = Skin Care

Monday, June 8, 2015

So, your skin is looking a little disjointed, perhaps acne?, perhaps the lines of age, or just a serious lack of sleep, and inordinate (or ordinate) amount of stress. So what do we do? Well, slab a bunch of makeup all over that money-maker and pray we don't sweat it off until happy hour hits and we just stop giving a damn.

I hear you, girls just wanna have fun (and be ridiculously good-looking). So if we are going to continue aging, stressing, losing sleep….Um, ugh.
What I'm saying is, we can't all be perfect yogis living off sunshine, vegetables, and the love of a man named Windsong. Try as we might, the sun doesn't always shine, and sometimes we have to find our love in a cup of coffee. Point being, makeup is our friend. She is there for us in times of need, and we need to use her appropriately, or we will face the consequences.

So to you, my fellow vixen, I ask you to please, please keep your makeup brushes clean.
Why, and How? I'm so glad you asked….

First, The Why: bacteria, dirt, and grime build up in your brushes every time you use them. So, as you continue to use a dirty brush, you're no longer just putting makeup on your face; you're spreading it on with a big pile of filth on the side. This filth will clog your pores and cause your skin to create a whole new set of (and/or extended amount of) problems. We can agree that this is disgusting, yes?

Second, The How: Clean those brushes once a week.

1. Gather your brushes and wash each, individually, using shampoo and warm water. The shampoo doesn't need to be anything special, just something with a nice scent that you won't mind smelling while you do your makeup.

2. Wash the brush heads delicately and be sure to rinse out all the makeup and shampoo.

3. Suck up the remaining water/moisture with a clean towel or paper towel, and then lay out to dry. Generally leaving them overnight (8-12 hours) will do the trick.

4. When you put the makeup brushes back into your makeup bag/box/caboodle circa 1999; I highly recommend that you place them in their own bag so as to keep them from rolling around with the rest of the grime. Because, be honest, no matter what type of makeup container you use, it's nasty on the inside. Nothing but bronzer explosions, mascara smears, hair clumps, potato chips, and at least 3 random chunks of dried… bubble gum? Wait… is that play dough? - Anyways, you understand why you might want to keep those freshly washed and dried brush heads, separate from the rest. At the very least, put them in a plastic Ziploc bag, and toss them back in your caboodle.

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